Vermont’s premier and only Parkour park and training center!

About Parkour

Parkour is the French multidisciplinary l’Art du deplacement, or “art of movement” that coaches its practitioners to move in the most effective, efficient and/or creative way possible, often utilizing pre-existing infrastructure like walls, rails, benches and other typical urban objects (though not limited to) to do so. It draws heavily from gymnastics, rock climbing, acrobatics and martial arts.


Classes at our facility at GMG are structured 4 week sessions that focus on the fundamentals of the discipline, such as rolls, wall runs, vaults, precision jumps and the necessary conditioning. It follows a strict lesson plan that will prepare students for the vigor of Parkour outside a controlled gym environment.

Click Here for our 2016/2017 Class Schedule– starts the week of August 29th

1 hour classes- $76
1.5 hour classes- $100

Private Group and Team Training

Let GMFC be your team or private groups training center. GMFC offers slots for private training with our skilled coaching staff all year long. Your team or group can schedule a 1.5hr block for private training. GMFC has had the priviledge of working with groups such as UVM Freestyle team, UVM Snowboard team, SWAT, Ski Future and many other groups. Check out our schedule to see available slots for your group or Call (802) 652-2454 today for more information.

Private Coaching

GMFC’s top notch coaching staff also offers private lessons. Please call to schedule a private coaching session with any of our coaches. You can request the coach that you would like or just work with the coach that is scheduled for that day.

Price: Starting at $60 per hour for one person